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Good Practices

The Good Practice Database gathers innovative actions which have been successful and can be transferred to other parts of Europe. The practices are related to the 13 themes which have been selected to build the educational modules and you can access the practices either by theme or by region. 

If you want to submit a good practice, please email us at and write ‘Europe in Action Good Practice’  in the subject.

Topical European Policies

There are many existing thorough and robust European sport and physical activity policies which enrich the HEPA environment across Europe. It is not the intention of Europe in Action to replicate what already exists, but more so to complement existing policy and assist in implementing recommendations at local and regional level.

Twin Cities

The twin city concept aims to connect two regions to support one another achieve their specific objectives in promoting and encouraging participation in sport and physical activity. For example, a region who is considered a “champion” in social inclusion may be partnered with a region who is in the early stages of developing policies and practices within this area.


If you want to register your interest in the twin city programme, please email us at and write ‘Europe in Action Twin City’ in the subject.

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