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Europe in Action is undertaking a regional-specific approach as it is imperative to consider geographical regions of Europe as unique and diverse, each with their own needs, priorities, challenges and opportunities in terms of grassroots sport.  

By focusing on each individual region, a specific analysis and understanding of the grassroots sport setting will be provided along with insight into the realities of developing, implementing and promoting grassroots sport opportunities. 

The creation of regional hubs will not only strengthen understanding of the grassroots sport environments but also provide a community for those operating within the grassroots sport movement to exchange good practices, share knowledge and experiences and promote and enhance cross-sectoral and cross-regional partnerships.

5 Regional Hubs


Czech Republic  l  Estonia  l  Hungary  l  Latvia  l  Lithuania  l  Poland  l  Slovakia

Northern Europe_edited.jpg


Denmark  l  Finland  l  Netherlands  l  Norway  l  Sweden


Cyprus  l  Greece  l  Italy  l  Malta  l  Portugal  l  Spain


Austria  l  Belgium  l  France  l  Germany  l  Ireland  l  Luxembourg  l  United Kingdom

Balkans + Turkey_edited.jpg


Bulgaria  l  Croatia  l  Romania  l  Serbia  l  Slovenia  l  Turkey

Regional Events

One event will be held in each region to focus on specific regional needs. Regional and international stakeholders will be invited to share their experiences and good practices, discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the region, and explore new partnerships and collaborations for the benefit of the grassroots sport movement.

The events are planned as follows:

  1. Opening Conference – Southern Europe

  2. Active Meeting 1 – Western Europe

  3. Active Meeting 2 – Northern Europe

  4. Active Meeting 3 – Balkans & Turkey 

  5. Closing Conference – Eastern Europe


*Please note this is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Partnerships & Collaboration

The Europe in Action partners recognise that the grassroots sport movement benefits greatly from robust relationships which not only exist but actively cooperate and work together on shared and common goals and objectives relating to increasing and promoting participation in sport and physical activity.


The project will focus on horizontal and vertical cooperation by bringing grassroots sport stakeholders closer to EU member states and EU institutions as well as offering a plethora of opportunities for partnership work, collaborative practice, knowledge and experience exchange and networking through regional events and the project legacy.

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