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Europe in Action has achieved its objectives so far having successfully identified European policy delivery frameworks, selected key focus areas for action and collected Europe-wide good practices connected to the themes and in relation to grassroot sport delivery across Europe.  Work is currently underway on the next phase of the project which is the design, development and piloting of education modules to be offered across Europe as a tool to educate key stakeholders in the field of grassroots sport. 

13 Modules

The themes for the modules were selected based on an initial comparison between the twelve themes of TAFISA Mission 2030, the practical deliverables identified from the mapping in the first phase of the project and a review of the 2020 – 2024 EU Work Plan on Sport. After this comparison, the project partners believed it was necessary to include a thirteenth theme, Digitalisation and Innovation.


For each of the thirteen themes selected during the first phase of the project, a non-formal educational module is being created as an accessible resource for the grassroot sport community. Each module will provide practical knowledge to better succeed at promoting HEPA and Sport for All across Europe as well as empower all grassroot sport stakeholders in the European Sport for All Movement. 


All thirteen themes are based on the needs and priorities of grassroots sport stakeholders across Europe and are as follows: 

Active Meetings

Of the thirteen modules, three will be piloted through regional seminars, ‘Active Meetings’ in 2022. These Active Meetings will bring together participants from various EU regions, member states, professional environments and sectors – specifically targeting stakeholders from various levels and areas of focus to foster the creation of cross-sectorial cooperation and alliances in European and national Sport for All policy delivery.  


The aim of the Active Meeting is to create a non-formal educational environment whereby participants can:


·      Expand their knowledge, 

·      Share knowledge and experiences, 

·      Network, 

·      Discuss and debate topical issues, 

·      Create partnerships and collaborations, 

·      Develop and share best practices,

·      Become part of a special alumni.


The modules will be launched on a special platform - visit the platform to find out more!

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